Terue Yamauchi

Fukuoka, Japan

Crossing between sea and land, beyond boundaries of generations, genders and nationalities, my entire art practice arises from an urge to explore the origin of life and the cycle of death.

After years of searching and travelling, I returned to my home region of Fukuoka in southwest Japan, where I had a very emotional encounter with an old photograph. It showed the tender toughness of naked women heading out to the sea. The photography was for me the ultimate image, not only of something Japanese, but also an image of human beings in a state of endless metamorphosis. 

Ever since then, I have been exploring the lives and points of view of people who live with/by the sea, e.g. the free-diving fishery traditions in Asia.
I have devoted myself to capturing what I call ‘human seascape’.

It is inevitable and essential for my artistic process to engage with real individuals out in the real world. Such practice has been greatly challenged amid the struggles of the new corona virus.