Maria Loizidou


The studio is a place of practice and of resistance against everyday challenges. It refers, in a metaphorical sense, to the ephemeral living or the creation of spaces that enhance the generation of thoughts – spaces that, according to Wittgenstein, give way to philosophical peace of mind, thus enabling the creation of new, viable conditions. Through the re-construction of the everyday in my art practice, I discuss ‘retreating’ & ‘belonging’.

The philosophical question:
‘Why should something occur and not nothing?’
Studio: Bright place, approximately 70 square metres.

A stainless-steel mesh, remnant of an entity that has either been hunted and skinned or that has sloughed off its own skin to live again.

Through the control of positioning and through the movements of the body, architectural points in the space, to approach and live in.

The everyday practice is the simple development of a pattern. It reflects personal rendering of patterns that derive from collective memory. The assembly of all these pieces constructs a shelter that becomes mounted and dismounted, adapting itself to new conditions, becoming a reservoir of resounding stories and thoughts. The practice of making is a writing gesture with a calendar format. It produces a shelter that allows a process of thinking.

The artist employs, in her work, a re-appropriation of themes and techniques – be it printing, sculpting or even the simple gesture of smudging.

I seek to emphasise ‘the power of fragility’.