Augusta Atla


Atelier of Augusta Atla, 2020, PHOTO: Nikolaj Thaning (@ Børsen Pleasure October 2020)

The last decade and more, moving around like a gypsy, – living between London, Venice, Rome, Milan, Athens, Paris – I have currently settled in my home town Copenhagen.

I went on an art pilgrimage (2008-2016), visiting the artworks of the great masters of European art, researching religious iconography and exploring the history of Greek Antiquity, all of which still have a profound influence on my work.

6 years in Greece and 4 years in Italy were the most important and groundbreaking experience in my life. I learned everything about the importance of the artwork for civilisation from the ancient greeks, and everything about loss and longing from the (Renaissance) Italians.

I was raised by an art historian mother and exposed from an early age to Western art history, realising that art history was predominately male dominated and chauvinist. Since 1999 I have hoped to create artwork that sheds light and reflects on the structures that go into the invention of paintings in order to make a language of my own, incorporating a woman’s experiences and sensations.

For good and bad, historically, the artwork has underlined our virtues, discussed our philosophical beliefs, enforced our religious ideas, promoted our cultural trends, and has been a method of questioning ways of understanding, mirroring our tragedies and tracing our emotional patterns.