An exclusive selection of works on paper by great artists from around the world.

Rare, stunning and excellent art on paper.

Føniks Edition is an ever-expanding union of contemporary artists established in 2020.

One of the main missions of Føniks Edition is to catalyse gender equality in the world of contemporary art. The Women Artist section is very much inspired by our muse Reese Witherspoon who founded Hello Sunshine. Like HELLO SUNSHINE, Føniks Edition spotlights female authorship and aims to make a wide audience aware of the brilliance of women contemporary artists.

Føniks Edition’s artists presentation takes you into the artists’ workspaces and provides you with a glimpse of their everyday activity, revealing experimentation in situ, works in progress, laboratories, working tools, personal items, private collections, diaries and so on. Føniks Edition invites you to discover the artists’ methodology, their inner logic, the concept behind projects and information about their artistic process.

Føniks Edition has no physical gallery or exhibition space, our office is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

*Each piece is signed by the artist and bears also the Føniks Edition signature of AUTHENTICATION. 

Katerina Botsari

The artists hold the rights to the photographs and Føniks Edition has been granted permission to use them. To request use of the photographs, please contact us.