Føniks Edition is a critical venture that unites contemporary artists and proposes a new approach to the art market by expanding the relationship between audience/collector and artist. Føniks Edition fuels research by publishing an online exhibition featuring the working methods of contemporary visual artists. Føniks Edition challenges the discrimination of the current art scene by inviting artists of all genders and ethnicities to take part and by publishing critical debate and awareness on the subject. 



Føniks Edition, established in 2020, is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is the brainchild of the Danish artist, Augusta Atla. The name ‘Føniks’ (English: Phoenix) pays tribute to a 1980s Danish art gallery and art club, Galleri Føniks, founded and owned by the mother of Augusta Atla. Galleri Føniks exhibited and sold works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Franciska Clausen, Harald Giersing, Oskar Kokoschka, Jais Nielsen, J.F. Willumsen, Wilhelm Lundstrøm, Olaf Rude, Ejler Bille, Corneille, Henry Heerup, Frank Rubin etc.

Phoenix in classical mythology is a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after which it burned itself on a funeral pyre and rose from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

PHOTO: Fugl Føniks (Eng: Phoenix) by Terue Yamauchi (2020), COURTESY FØNIKS EDITION 2020

Føniks Edition aims to offer a diversified perspective on the visual arts and to promote GREAT CONTEMPORARY ART and GREAT ARTISTS.

The patriarchy of the current contemporary art scene and market prevents many excellent women artists from receiving the attention they deserve. That is why Føniks Edition spotlights female authorship and the work of so many brilliant contemporary women artists.

PHOTO: Fugl Føniks (Eng: Phoenix) by Lærke Lauta(2020), COURTESY FØNIKS EDITION 2020

One of the main missions of Føniks Edition is to catalyse gender equality in the world of contemporary art.

Føniks Edition also publish articles on gender and racial political issues in the current art scene, and create links to other exciting organisations that encourage diversity in the contemporary art scene.

Føniks Edition is a unique collection of artworks sold exclusively at Føniks Edition.
Augusta Atla invites fellow artists, whose work she admires, to create or choose a few unique artworks and/or a series of limited edition artworks to be featured in Føniks Edition.
The Føniks Edition works are shown, and available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY through Føniks Edition.

Some of the artworks, titled Phoenix, are meditations on the myth of the Phoenix. Each piece is signed by the artist and bears also the Føniks Edition STAMP OF AUTHENTICATION. 

Føniks Edition is a co-creator, putting themes in motion in synergy with the artists.

PHOTO: Lærke Lauta


Føniks Journal takes you into the artists’ workspaces and provides you with a glimpse of their everyday activity, revealing experimentation in situ, works in progress, laboratories, working tools, personal items, private collections, diaries and so on. Føniks Journal invites you to discover the artists’ methodology, their inner logic, the concept behind projects and information about their artistic process. The journal sets out to convey the beauty and process of artists’ minds to a wide audience.



Women Painters is an education-oriented archive of contemporary women painters aimed at promoting excellent women artists and generating more equality in today’s art world. The aim of the archive is to make professionals in the art industry aware of all the high quality work that women artists create and to let women artists offer mutual support to one another.

The goal of the archive is to encourage the contemporary art scene (galleries, museums, kunsthalle, press, publishing houses) to include more paintings by women artists. The current contemporary art market and institutional collections are still biased in favour of male painters.

The project is very much inspired by our muse Reese Witherspoon who founded Hello Sunshine – a media company that puts women at the centre of every story they create and celebrate. Like HELLO SUNSHINEWomen Painters spotlight where women are now and underlines female authorship and agency.

Women Painters will take the audience around the world – from Denmark to Japan, from Africa to the United States – to make a wide audience aware of the brilliance of women contemporary painters.



Augusta Atla, founder of Føniks Edition, is a visual artist, graduated from Goldsmiths in 2006 with a BFA, and from the Architectural Association in London, with an MA in Art History & Theory in 2007.
Her artwork belongs in the public collections of the Danish Art Council, Horsens Art Museum, Randers Museum of Art, the Danish Parliament, and Dimitris Daskalopoulou in Greece, as well as numerous private collections. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Augusta Atla is also an art critic and writer on equality issues in the current contemporary art scene. Articles published at Magasinet Kunst, CHART ART FAIR Publication and Kulturmonitor.

From 2014 to 2016, Augusta Atla founded, curated and ran MAISON d’ART CONTEMPORAIN ATHÈNES / MACA

@womenpainters instagram profile is founded by Augusta Atla in 2018


Atelier of Augusta Atla, 2020, PHOTO: Nikolaj Thaning (@ Børsen Pleasure October 2020)

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